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Poiema Foundation offers classes and seminars for those that wish to learn more about human trafficking. For those that are volunteering, we may require your attendance for specific training classes to ensure you have the skills and knowledge that you need to carry out the tasks needed.

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Human Trafficking 101 (HT101)

This class is required for anyone interested in serving with Poiema and covers a thorough description of domestic sex trafficking. Content includes common signs to recognize trafficked victims and their perpetrators, true stories of survivors, and how to be a part of the solution to this modern day slavery that runs rampant in our communities.


Community Awareness Outreach Training

This class trains volunteers for public outreach.  Our outreach ministry is dedicated to ensuring that businesses are aware of human trafficking in their area and requesting that they post informational posters of missing minors.  Content includes protocol on how to approach businesses, behaviors to maintain while on outreach, commons signs to recognize high risk areas, and safety procedures.


Intel Training

This class trains volunteers to use technology to search for and record data on missing individuals suspected or known to have been lured into the local sex industry.  Content includes various website-specific information, how to run public searches of pertinent information gathered during outreach, and how to proceed with the acquired information.


Survivor Care Training

This training equips volunteers to carry out Poiema’s goal of providing consistent, high quality care to our safe house residents.  This training also addresses any fears a participant may have about how to interact with a survivor of sexual exploitation.  We provide a flexible framework with guiding principles to promote an integrated, holistic and empowering approach that places the real needs of survivors at the center of the process of sustained recovery. We believe trafficking survivor care standards are essential to ensure that, no matter who delivers the service, certain quality standards can be expected in the way support is delivered to residents as well as the beneficiaries of our victim services.


Realities of Aftercare Training

This training addresses myths and misconceptions commonly held about victims and survivors of human trafficking and helps shape a more accurate “lens” for identifying and understanding the effects of trafficking. Content includes trauma’s effect on the brain, shame identities, perpetrator luring techniques, risk factors for potential victims, and the importance of trauma-informed care.


Strength-Based Approach to Aftercare Training

It’s natural to notice the negatives in a situation or the weaknesses in ourselves and others.  Strength-based training empowers us to find the positive. This vital life skill will help us in any setting and is especially needful when working with survivors of sexual exploitation. Strength-based training views people as resourceful and resilient in the face of adversity. We focus on future outcomes and building an individual’s capacity to resolve problems and deliver their own solutions. We capitalize on God-given strengths to aid recovery and empowerment.


Silent Court Advocacy Training

This training teaches the protocol for participating in the silent court advocacy ministry.  We teach court procedure and protocol as well as Poiema policies to follow during a court proceeding.




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